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Heavy Rotation: April 2021


to the METAL DIGEST Heavy Rotation Playlist.

This is where we sit down and attempt to cram everything we’ve been digesting at our HQ into a monthly playlist for your audio pleasure. Here you’ll find upcoming releases from both new and established bands, as well juicy reissues and celebrated classics. There is a guarantee you’ll find something new to crank up in your daily routine. So sit back, turn it up to 11 and enjoy!

Arachnes – ‘I’m Sorry’ (Music For The Masses)

Originally released 2011, Arachnes’ ‘A New Day’ album has been reissued on Music For The Masses and now you too can get your hands on this prog metal gem. Worth every penny.

Arion – ‘A Vulture Dies Alone’ (AFM Records)

Another year and another strong album from Arion, the band may be stepping away from their original symphonic roots, but what they lost there is melodic metal’s massive gain.

Blaze Bayley – ‘War Within Me’ (Blaze Bayley Records)

Blaze Bayley continues his massive purple patch with his latest album and delivers another album of end of year quality.

Cannibal Corpse – ‘Inhumane Harvest’ (Metal Blade Records)

The death metal kings return with their best album since ‘Kill’, don’t be surprised if this is many people’s album of the year.

Cheap Trick – ‘Light Up the Fire’ (BMG Records)

Summer is coming and Cheap Trick are rockin’ out the feelgood pop/rock with their latest release.

Crown – ‘Illumination’ (Pelagic Records)

It’s dark, it’s gloomy and it’s bloody good!

Cryptosis – ‘Transcendence’ (Century Media Records)

Technical prog thrash done absolutely perfect. Fans of Vektor disappointed at the outcome? Get on this instead.

Endseeker – ‘Mount Carcass’ (Metal Blade Records)

Old school death metal. Fancy some Dismember and Entombed sounds mixed with a hell of a lot of Carcass vibes? Get this down your gullet.

Gizmachi – ‘Look What I’ve Become’ (Independent Release)

Soilwork vocalist Björn Strid joins the once rising stars of the nu-metal scene to deliver an interesting alternative metal album with some serious old school-nu-metal vibes.

Haunt – ‘In Our Dreams’ (Church Recordings)

One of the best trad metal albums of the year. Simply put, if you’re a fan of trad metal and it isn’t in your collection yet. Why? Why are you still reading this? Go, go get it now!

Inception of Eternity – ‘The Cradle of Darkness’ (Dark Sign Records)

With their latest album, vocalist SINtana brings a touch of alternative panache to the Gothic metal world.

Iniquity – ‘Inhale the Ghost’ (EMZ Productions)

A reissue of ‘Five Across the Eyes’ is only available in limited quantities, fan of old-school death metal. Get it whilst it hot or you’ll miss out.

Lamb of God – ‘Ghost Shaped People’ (Nuclear Blast Records)

Randy Blythe and co. release an expanded edition from last years superb album with the added bonus of a live recorded stream from lockdown. Groovy.

Motorjesus – ‘Firebreather’ (AFM Records)

It’s dirty German gasoline drinkin’ hard rock that you can’t help tap your foot to. Fire up the BBQ and get the beers in the cooler.

Obscure Fate – Raven’s Call (Inverse Records)

Finnish melodic death metallers plant their flag into the soil with their enjoyable debut EP of soul-searching.

Ornimental – ‘Call to the Sky’

It might very modern sounding in the metal sphere, but the interludes are so intense you’ll feel like you’re listening to a movie.

Pentesilia Road – ‘Shades of the Night’ (Independent Release)

Superb modern prog rock, fans of Rush will easily have their fill here.

Planeetta 9 – ‘Sama hauta’ (Inverse Records)

This latest EP is oozing with passion, integrity and melody.

Primitai – ‘Valley of Darkness’ (Rock of Angels Records)

One of the best produced trad metal albums you’ll ever hear… oh and they’ve got the songs to back it up.

Siniestro – One Last Bullet, One Last Ride (Black Lodge Records)

Two hemispheres, one release. Chilean fire mixed with Swedish ice and some bloody good thrash is forged from it.

Terrorential – ‘Unleash’ (Independent Release)

An album of Australian thrash that beats with the Teutonic heart of Sodom, Kreator and Destruction. Raw and brutal.

The Age of Ore – ‘Trying Times’ (Independent Release)

These kids know how to rock with an EP that takes in influences from Metallica to Alice in Chains. Watch this space.

The Beautiful Losers – ‘Rock N’ Roll Warrior’ (Independent Release)

With Lemmy no longer with us, the latest EP from these guys may be the closest you’ll get to that lovely rock n’ roll sound.

The Circle – Chapter II: Verzweiflung (Independent Release)

It’s cold and desolate and perfect for adding a spot of winter into your summer.

The Word66 – ‘On the Way to the Promised Land’ (Independent Release)

Does the devil have all the best tunes? Check out this EP from The Word66 and you’ll find God has some addictive beats too.

Wednesday 13 – Devil Inside (Nuclear Blast Records)

Horror punk at its best and Wednesday 13 take INXS’ stadium anthem and turn it into something a little darker.

Come on in!

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