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Meursault Omega – ‘Cold Thirst’

Heaven Full of Astronauts
Celtic Frost, Rammstein, Sonic Youth
Release Date
March 28, 2021
Heaven Full of Astronauts
Thrash Industrial Noise Metal

Sometimes when you want an objective assessment of your craft, you should consult someone who is not overly familiar with it. That would be me. Not hearing much Thrash here but, Metal for sure.  I am also hearing plenty of Noise and Industrial sounds though. And I like it!

This album calls for headphones, solitude, and a “Do Not Disturb” sign because you will lose yourself in this sonic madness…and you are welcome.  The band Meursault Omega (look up The Cure) incorporates many old and new school elements and voices. Mastermind Cliff Scott assembled an amazing ensemble, including vocalists, Chiara Manese, Francesca Tosi, Asator Ægishjálmur, and Simona Guerrini. All of these amazing artists are combined with a beautifully metallic landscape that delivers an amazing aural experience. Part KMFDM, part Sisters of Mercy, part Inception of Eternity, “Cold Thirst” provides on all the right fronts.

sonic madness

Come on in!

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