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1945 – ‘Act 1’ EP

Independent Release
Midnight, Solicitor, Exodus, Motörhead
Release Date
June 1, 2018
Independent Release
Thrash Metal

 Spain’s 1945 is a prime example of Thrash Metal’s endless reach. “ACT 1” is a five-song EP that offers all the usual traits of a classic Thrash offering. It is comprised of perfectly fuzzed-out guitars, an air-tight rhythm section, and features capable female vocals from Sara Garcia. Her vocal delivery ranges from a rasp to an outright growl, but generally, it is, frankly a bit too polished. In fact, the overall sound is just that. Perhaps if they just used the first or second take, warts and all. Metal isn’t supposed to be pretty after all.  

 With an ultra-clean intro, the power ballad “Black Rose” is a definite standout.  Sporting frantic fretboard antics, “Lost Dream” is either an homage or aping (you tell me) of early Iron Maiden and Metallica. Understanding this is their first effort, this EP is not bad; there just isn’t anything new here. Their influences and zeal are apparent, and I look forward to hearing their new release “Heavy Metal Is Not For Sale” later this year. Maybe they will use the first takes.

Their influences and zeal are apparent

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