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A chat with Wooden Veins

June 4th 2021 will see Chilean avant-garde metal act Wooden Veins to release their highly anticipated debut studio album, titled “In Finitude”, via powerhouse label The Vinyl Division.

Featuring former members of well-known doom metal units like Mourning Sun and Mar de Grises, the participants are by far no strangers to the scene. With a wide range of ingredients, packed into a defined artistic concept & aesthetic, the band’s upcoming debut is a deeply powerful piece of music, exploring the edge of extreme metal’s territories.

Metal Digest had a chat with the band about creating feelings through music, connecting via social media and the most challenging part of being in a metal band today.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

With the idea of creating a different kind of music, including sub-genres and traces of other elements, you created your very own and other-worldly universe of sound. What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

R JUAN: Hi Chelf, thank you for the opportunity to share our ideas with you and people who read Metal Digest Magazine. In a vast music world, we are living now with tons of genres/sub-genres and new genres every day coming out we are looking forward to expressing ourselves fundamentally from our feelings and life experiences, from the roots of our music culture, as a unique entity throwing all in once, not keeping it for us but sharing it with everyone.

We want people to get involved in this feeling, in love with the songs, as deeply as possible and take it personal

What’s your ideal target audience?

R JUAN: For musicians and not musicians. Because of the variety of genres running in this entire album, it is difficult to be part of a “movement” for example the “funeral doom metal” or so. An open mind/Lover of a big range of genres/ person ready for fresh vibes

You have a defined artistic concept & aesthetic. Do you think visuals and aesthetics play a massive role in the perception of an album today as social media is our main tool of promotion?

R JUAN: Not only today, but it’s also just part of the art; music, lyrics, concept, artwork, painted bodies, etc. Is a whole idea but in many different angles that converge together to be a unique world.

Speaking of social media, do you use them to connect with your audience and collect feedback?

R JUAN: The thing is that the band starts on “pandemic times”, so it was the only way we had to make it possible. It is a huge tool nowadays but we are just waiting for gigs in the near future as well

What’s the most challenging part of being in a metal band today and how do you overcome it?

R JUAN: You have many ways to produce an album today, even with a simple PC at home and some software. Sadly, to have a good exposure is a lot of work, sometimes harder than even making the album itself. Promotion, video recording & editing, photo session, social media management, emailing, etc.

We are working as a team, delegating tasks to one another which is working so far. Anyways we have big support from the label and the PR agency.

What was the first record you ever bought?

R JUAN: Wow… was surely about 92-93 or something, and totally not sure. Possibly something from Metallica or Nirvana. Was on-demand around that years

  Alberto: it was master of puppets, I was in 3rd grade haha (1990), I had some friends with older brothers and that’s how I got to listen to bands like Metallica, Motley Crue, or Bon Jovi hahaha I liked music at that point but it thinks it was with the black album that I really got more into it, discovering bands and enjoying music in a more conscious way.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail as a musician?

R JUAN: Same I was doing all time. Trying my best.

What’s the next set of goals for Wooden Veins for the upcoming season?

R JUAN: We are focusing now on the promotion of the debut album in Europe and Latin America and trying to figure out something about the future gigs. It is hard to know because of the actual situation but if I may say something about it, I would like to promote this album playing it live )))

Thank you for the wonderful interview.

Until we meet again,


Wooden Veins are:
Javier Cerda – Vocals
Juan Escobar – Guitars/ Bass
Alberto Atalah – Drums
Eduardo Poblete – Keyboard 

For more info visit:

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