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Motorjesus – ‘Hellbreaker’

AFM Records
The Shitheadz, Motörhead, Wolf, Enforcer
Release Date
April 9, 2021
AFM Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

The thunder of a thousand horsepower is the noise that comes from Germany when Motorjesus ignite their engines. In the last year, the noise of that combustion engine has been getting louder and louder culminating in ‘Hellbreaker’, the bands sixth studio album.

                When it comes to the manufacture of both cars and music, it can be tough call to beat German engineering and Motorjesus prove that here with ‘Hellbreaker’ as the band put the pedal to the metal. Blasting out the traps with all the power of Motörhead, this is an album that is pre-loaded with beer, cigarettes and gasoline; there is a real swagger here that is difficult to ignore as the band deliver foot tapping dirty grooves and enjoyable vibes through tracks such as ‘Back to the Bullet’, ‘Car Wars’ and ‘Battlezone’ which take a European sound and dump into a deep-south of the USA attitude by roaring with all the power of a big-assed muscle car. Yet, there is more to ‘Hellbreaker’ than just this; there are flirtations with classic metal with the Iron Maiden and Wolf tinged ‘Lawgiver’, whilst an undercurrent here carries the ‘fuck you’ of punk that fans of the likes of Gehennah will love.

                For a band which takes in elements of both heavy and stoner metal, Motorjesus have hit a vein of gold with ‘Hellbreaker’, there is enough contemporary trad metal sounds mixing with classic familiarity to create something that has a massively wide appeal. ‘Hellbreaker’ will have the listener humming and singing for months on end, so start your engines because this album is already speeding towards the finish line at an impressive rate.

‘Hellbreaker’ will have the listener humming and singing for months

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