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Cryptosis – ‘Bionic Swarm’

Century Media Records
Vektor, Voivod, Revocation, Coroner, Distillator
Release Date
March 26, 2021
Century Media Records
Progressive Thrash Metal

What began life as Distillator back in 2013 had morphed into Cryptosis by 2020 as the Dutch progressive thrashers took their sound to the next level. Hitting the ground and running at warp-speed Cryptosis have delivered their debut album ‘Bionic Swarm’.

                Taking a leap into the future, ‘Bionic Swarm’ looks at technology, AI in a Dystopian sci-fi showcase and what it means to be human. Sure, these sorts of ideas are well-worn in progressive circles with many bands pontificating on these very subjects and that is in this year alone. So… does ‘Bionic Swarm’ have what it takes to survive? The answer is yes, one hundred percent. This album is wrapped up beautifully in a fantastically sleek production which allows every instrument to heard precisely and clearly. ‘Bionic Swarm’ throbs with a thrashing goodness that mean tracks such as ‘Death Technology’, ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Flux Divergence’ have all the power of Vektor, Voivod and even Revocation with enough science-fiction to shake a stick at. With all this in mind, ‘Bionic Swarm’ isn’t all just stuffy science jargon in a white coat and algebra; it has enough neck-bending riffs to ensure that the listener ends up with whiplash.

                It may not be the guys first rodeo, but for this debut Cryptosis have struck gold and any self-respecting fan of progressive thrash will not be disappointed with the sounds here.

Cryptosis – ‘Bionic Swarm’
enough neck-bending riffs to ensure that the listener ends up with whiplash

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