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Primitai – ‘Violence of the Skies’

Rock of Angels Records
Traveler, Saxon, Absolva, Riot City, Dendera
Release Date
March 26, 2021
Rock of Angels Records
Heavy Metal

Primitai may be one of England’s best kept secrets, the heavy metal band brought themselves ever closer to metal success in 2018 with the ‘The Calling’, an album which was nothing short of spectacular. This year has Primitai returning with their sixth studio album ‘Violence of the Skies’.

                As with the previous album, ‘Violence…’ is sublimely produced; this is a slick sounding album, it is modern, fresh and exciting having all the feel that a large amount of cash has been used to get the best sound out of these tracks. Thankfully, this isn’t a stifling production and it really does suit Primitai right down to the ground creating something that is audibly enjoyable. Yet, a good production means nothing if the songs are crap and obviously, the listener will not find that here; Primitai have some memorable songs and vocalist Guy Miller cuts an impressive voice with the band rocking a trad metal sound. This means tracks such as ‘The Uprising’, ‘Valley of Darkness’ and ‘Warriors of Time’ have all the appeal of Riot City, Absolva and Enforcer. Furthermore, ‘Violence…’ in enhanced by some high profile appearances of Tom Draper and Paul Quinn, the latter of which is heavy metal royalty who plays his part with panache.

                When it boils down to it, ‘Violence…’ isn’t quite as good as ‘The Calling’, but it does stand strong on its own; this is a band which doesn’t need to bow to convention or buck to any trends, they’re trailblazing their own heavy metal path and rightly so.

Primitai are trailblazing their own heavy metal path

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