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Confessions of a Metalhead | W.A.S.P. – ‘Dominator’

Demolition Records
Demolition Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Oh man, there was a time in my life when I absolutely worshipped the ground W.A.S.P. walked on; I never mentioned this at the time, but I did used to dye my hair black, backcomb and tease it to be bigger and even bleached a white streak in it like Blackie Lawless. My Friday night ritual would be getting in from work, pour myself a Jack Daniels and Coke and whack one of the first five W.A.S.P. albums on hi-fi as I sat getting ready to head into the towns rock clubs.


However, after ‘The Crimson Idol’, nothing really struck me about the band until c.2011 when in a moment of musical despair, I began to sift through some ‘new’ W.A.S.P. tracks on YouTube and I came across a song called ‘Heaven’s Hung in Black’. Seven minutes of pure, unadulterated joy spread across my face; in fact, it was so good I played it again… and then again.

Ok, here we are, a song that I’ve hammered, I haven’t felt this way about W.A.S.P. for a long time… YouTube… show more…”ah, ok… from the 2007 album ‘Dominator’… if this is decent then…” well, you know the rest, there was money in my pocket that was beginning to burn a hole as I opened the webpage to Amazon.

Clickity Clack…. Click… Click…

‘Dominator’ was on its way… in 3-5 working days.

Guess I’ll just play ‘Heaven’s Hung in Black’ again.

And again…

And again…

To cut a long story short, ‘Dominator’ was the album that returned my love for W.A.S.P., it’s purchase was soon quickly followed by ‘Babylon’ and the ‘Neon God’ albums, but none of them ever surpassed that love for ‘Dominator’.

Come on in!

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