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Mind Mapping with Nihilism

Swaying between the musical contrast of dissonance and harmony, Nihilism plunges the listener into a new era of modern black metal. Minimalistic, dark and distant, the band transcribes the philosophical idea of Nihilism into obscure and modern art.

Metal Digest picked their brain about their second album ”Cataclysme Vers l’Ascendance”, breaking the norms and black-tie-black-metal outfits.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

Congratulations on your second album ”Cataclysme Vers l’Ascendance”. Once again you revived the black metal scene. What do you want people to feel when they listen to it?

First things first, thanks for the interest and your comments about our newest release. ”Cataclysme Vers l’Ascendance” is an album deeply connected with our very inner essences as individuals within Nihilism.

Conceptually, this release transcribes the inevitable conflict between disoriented illogical conclusions and absurd emotional actions, one could make or take.

Therefore, we only give the motive for a person, to feel and thing for his own.

How are you disrupting the metal status quo and live outside the norm?

We think that this is a question to be answered by anyone but us. What we surely do though, is not following the path most would take, but choosing another, the one some musicians throughout the years have proved to be rough, but pure of salvation in the end.

You’re highly committed to creating music. However, there are always dark days. What keeps you going on the days you lack motivation?

Composing and creating music is a very sacred thing for us. Isolating physically and emotionally from the rest of the world and shutting down the doors, is only the beginning of the many days to come, before we feel ready to start the process. By that time, we’ve agreed with ourselves to begin the composition of an album, motivation is very little compared to the obligation we have.

You are eclectic when it comes to visuals as well. How do you communicate your very specific ideas to your crew?

Cooperating and working with other people, with alike principals and mindsets over their work as ours, is a basic rule for Nihilism. Therefore, as eclectic as we might be with anything when it comes to our work, the same eclecticism comes to finding the right people, in order to communicate specific ideas at ease. All these just for the sake of bringing out the best possible ”material” for us and our audience.

There must be a balance between innovation and conservation to make sure you make a big impact. Are you strategic when it comes to that, or you just go by instinct?

In our beliefs, balance might sometimes be obligatory in order to make a big impact in the essence of a human’s existence. For us, when it comes to music and art in general, it’s the extreme imbalance within elements and the ability to tame them, that could make a big impact towards something.

So, we are very strategic when it comes to forcing ourselves to go by instinct.

You have recently started using social media and press as a tool to promote your work, which is something you were not really fond of in the past. What prompted that change of mindset?

Unfortunately, this is a fact. We tried to drown this need of staying distant from ”social” media platforms, press etc., just for the sake of spreading our word. Even though this has nothing to do with any kind of ideological opposition against any of these ”tools”, we still had to self-annihilate our very inner aversion towards exposure.

Say you are invited to a black-tie music awards event. What are you wearing and who are you taking with you?

We are very ambiguous, whether we would accept the invitation in the first place.

Until we meet again,



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