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The Circle – ‘Metamorphosis’ EP

Independent Release
Carach Angren, Anorexia Nervosa, Evil Lucifera
Release Date
April 23, 2021
Independent Release
Black Metal

                These may well be unprecedented times, but it does create the perfect conditions for the creation of dark albums. This can be seen with The Circle who’s debut release ‘Metamorphosis’ is ready to unleash itself onto the world.

                Like a moth emerging from its cocoon, ‘Metamorphosis’ feeds in the evening air with its dark, brooding melodies drifting like an ever-creeping fog over a dusky moorland. This is an enrapturing EP with an excellent production that allows for some thunderous drumming and that buzzsaw tremolo picking to be heard clearly. Yet, there is much more here than just black metal clichés, ‘Metamorphosis’ bleeds raw emotions from the darker side of the human psyche and would massively appeal to the likes of Carach Angren, Anorexia Nervosa and Evil Lucifera. However, there is a melodic side to explore here, an art-driven black metal that fans of Harakiri For The Sky, Alcest and Deafheaven would like to delve into. Furthermore, ‘Metamorphosis’ does melancholy exceptionally well and its soul-searching lyrics that wrenches itself through an array of relatable emotions which makes for some high-quality replayability.

                Summer may be quickly approaching and the days are getting longer, but why not add a flutter of winter in there with ‘Metamorphosis’, it is more than a decent debut that sets the band up well for future releases.

more than a decent debut

Come on in!

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