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Sorizon – ‘Thanatos Rising’

No Dust Records
Evergrey, Symphony X
Release Date
February 26, 2021
No Dust Records
Progressive Metal

                Sorizon hit the ground running from the their inception back in 2008. The Californian band were welcomed into the arms of fans and critics alike with their first two albums. The latter of those albums dropped in 2013 and obviously some time has elapsed since then and other than a couple of EP’s all has been quiet. Thankfully, Sorizon are back with the their latest album this year ‘Thanatos Rising’.

                It is safe to say that in their absence, Sorizon have lost none of their bite. ‘Thanatos Rising’ kicks like no time has elapsed at all and therefore, what the listener gets here is some excellent progressive metal. This isn’t the sort of prog metal that is full of mathematical time changes, djent riffage and a holier than thou attitude of plainly being ‘better than you’; no, this is prog metal at its most humble and well, fun. ‘Thanatos Rising’ is not a clinical release, stagnant of any emotion, it is warm and inviting, serving to remind the listener why prog metal is fun in the first place having all the hallmarks of Evergrey and Symphony X particularly through the guitars of Danny Mann and Timm Hall on the track ‘Imminent Contact’ that may just be the pinnacle of this bands song writing.

                All this aside, ‘Thanatos Rising’ does take a few listens to thoroughly enjoy, but it is a gift that keeps on giving that fans of prog metal are bound to love.

it is a gift that keeps on giving

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