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Little Hole Filled – ‘And the Ants Still March On’

Konkord Records
Crowbar, Khemmis, Sleep, Pallbearer
Release Date
October 6, 2020
Konkord Records
Doom/Stoner/Sludge Metal

                The genesis of some bands may be nearly 30 years old, plying their trade and sometimes, it just doesn’t happen for whatever reason. Little Hole Filled (LHF) have been biding their time, but in the last couple of years the Austrian band have been testing the water with a few singles, paving the way for their debut album ‘And the Ants Still March On’ which dropped at the latter end of last year.

Ants are industrious creatures and that parallel can be drawn here with LHF. This band have been working hard, delivering an album which may not feel so impressive on the first listen, but much like that ant colony, it grows with each listen. The band have got the riff, they’ve got the musicianship and they combine it to create an amalgamation of stoner, doom and sludge that not only nods to Crowbar, Khemmis and Sleep but also to early Pallbearer. Furthermore, there’s an alternative vibe here, something that would appeal to fans of early Soundgarden whilst the vocals of Philipp Diesenreiter ethereally flutter throughout the mix providing a deep Gothic baritone akin to Peter Murphy or even Ian Curtis making ‘And the Ants…’ quite an interesting release.

It may feel a little odd at first, but this is a band which are comfortable with their sound and they don’t try to expand beyond their means. They’ve got a good sound going on here and it’ll be interesting to see how LHF follow this up.

They’ve got a good sound going on here

Come on in!

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