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Get ready for the ROADBURN weekend! “Pelagic Presents” (April 16-18) feat. exclusive performances by THE OCEAN, YEAR OF NO LIGHT, BRIQUEVILLE, LLNN and other Pelagic artists

Roadburn Redux Showcase:
“Pelagic Presents” feat. Exclusive Performances by THE OCEAN, YEAR OF NO LIGHT, LLNN + 12 other Pelagic artists & New Signing Announcements
 We’re more than thrilled to have teamed up with Roadburn Festival to present a showcase under the banner ‘Pelagic Presents’ – a collection of premiers, exclusive performances and more.

Roadburn Redux is free to watch! Donations are welcome, but Roadburn Redux is open to everyone!

View the schedules online here

This is our schedule for Roadburn Redux:

Friday 16.04.

14.10 – Pelagic new signings
15.00 – Q&A with Robin
17.50 – SOM
18.00 – Johan G. Winther
22.20 – Briqueville
22.30 – The Ocean perf. PZII
23.40 – Year Of No Light
00.20 – Blessings

Saturday 17.04.

14.00 Oslo Tapes

Sunday 18.04.

14.40 – LLNN
15.45 – Psychonaut
16.00 – Sâver
16.30 – Crown
17.50 – Lustmord & Karin Park

Roadburn comments:
“That this showcase is so vast in scope yet barely scrapes the surface of their roster of artists is testament to the depth of talent that is housed by Pelagic. Not only will we be highlighting the likes of Year Of No Light, The Ocean, SOM, CROWN, LLNN and other names you are likely already familiar with, but we’ll also be unveiling a clutch of new signings exclusively during Roadburn Redux. To find out who their latest Pelagic recruits are you’ll need to tune in during the festival weekend when all will be revealed.“ 

Pelagic Records comments:
“We are honoured to be invited to present a selection of our artist roster at Roadburn Redux. Roadburn has been one of the most important institutions for us for discovering new music for many years, and we share an abundance of great memories of spring visits of Tilburg. As a matter of fact our first contact with some of the new signings we are going to announce at this year’s edition of Roadburn (Redux) was at a previous edition of Roadburn. We have a lot of respect and admiration for Walter’s vision and artistic scope. To be able to present a rather large selection of the Pelagic roster here is an heartening opportunity in these difficult times for us and for all of the artists involved, an opportunity for which we are very grateful. All video contributions will be new material produced specifically for Roadburn Redux and premiered here and nowhere else.“

Come on in!

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