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Finnish Nobody released Bathory single from the upcoming second album

Finnish Nobody released a new single Bathory. The track is taken from the upcoming second album Eternal Infernal which is set to be released on May 21st 2021 via Inverse Records. The new album takes the band’s music to a new territory, including elements of world music as well as traditional instruments. While black metal influences are not so overtly heard, the album retains a dark undertow as it travels through time from ancient Rome to the present day.  

Watch Bathory music video:

Tuomas Kauppinen comments:
“In the depths of a Romanian castle lies its former queen Elizabeth Bathory. She is forever trapped inside four tightly sealed walls. Her quest for eternal youth sealed her destiny. Bathing in the blood of hundreds of young girls under the belief that this would give her what she wanted, she invoked the fury of a great mage. The horror she inflicted gave the mage power to confront her and inspire others to stand up to her. To this day her cries can be heard in the castle but no one knows where exactly she is buried.”  

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Line-up:Tuomas Kauppinen – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric bass, accordion, congas, electric guitar, contra bass, keyboard, djembe & triangle  Links:

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