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Corners of Sanctuary – ‘Blood and Steel Vol. 1’ EP

Independent Release
Ravensthorn, Seasons of the Wolf
Release Date
March 5, 2021
Independent Release
Heavy Metal

                Corners of Sanctuary (CoS) have been battering away at the heavy metal scene for the best part of a decade now and have delivered a string of critically acclaimed albums which have boosted their popularity worldwide. On the back of their album last year, CoS are now delivering ‘Blood and Steel Vol. 1’ their latest EP.

                ‘Blood and Steel’ is everything that an EP should be, it is short, punchy and to the point delivering a taster of what a band is currently up to. This is an EP which shows the Philadelphian band taking a harder vibe to their sound and managing it very well; what the listener gets is CoS expanding on their vision which takes in touches of power and progressive metal and absorbs them into their heavy metal/hard rock vibe that the band does so well. Obviously, with this being an EP there are only four tracks here, but ‘We All Shall Fall’ stands tall as an example of CoS’ recent work and would massively appeal to fans of Ravensthorn and Seasons of the Wolf as well as Symphony X and Ross the Boss with a large emphasis on melodies and infectious hooks that are guaranteed to provide endless enjoyment.

                There isn’t anything here that the listener will never have heard before, it is what it is and that is blood good. What’s that? Part two coming to an earpiece near you soon? Yes please.

bloody good

Come on in!

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