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Baron Carta – ‘Step Into The Plague’ EP

Independent Release
Primal Fear, Judas Priest, Pyramaze, Halford
Release Date
January 27, 2021
Independent Release
Heavy Metal

Ralf Scheepers doesn’t half like to keep himself busy, in his downtime from his mainstay at Primal Fear, the frontman has joined forces with Jono Bacon of Severed Filth and Morten Gade Sørensen of Pyramaze to form Baron Carta who have released their debut EP ‘Step into the Plague’.

                With this EP, Baron Carta have hit the ground running, but honestly, who didn’t think they would? These are seasoned musicians who know exactly what they’re doing. Therefore, what the listener gets here with ‘Step…’ is a slab of heavy metal with some power metal overtones which have been excellently produced. In fact, tracks such as ‘Devil to Send’ and ‘Truth to Power’ don’t really move away from Primal Fear remit and because of this would massively appeal to an already established fanbase who know exactly what they’re getting. However, the track which really does stand out is the closing ‘Act 1: Duty’, this is the only track on this EP which reaches a pinky toe out of the circle and tests the water with something a little heavier, but it does confirm what we already know and that is these are some excellent musicians with a wonderfully versatile and powerful vocalist.

                There are no surprises here, it’s a solid EP of heavy metal, let’s see what the band can do over a full-length studio album.

There are no surprises here

Come on in!

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