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Arachnes – ‘A New Day’

Music For The Masses
Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Royal Hunt
Release Date
May 7, 2021
Music For The Masses
Progressive Metal

                Ten years in the world of heavy metal used to feel like such a long time: “what do you mean Def Leppard have taken four years to release ‘Hysteria’?!” we used to cry. These days, it all seems very part and parcel of being in a band. But, who would have thought it has been ten years since Arachnes released their ‘A New Day’? and although it is the bands latest release to date, it is getting a reissue courtesy of Music for The Masses.

                Even by cult standards, ‘A New Day’ had a quiet original release, but actually being available for the first time on CD means that this reissue has the chance to provide a little more fanfare than originally garnered. Yet, ‘A New Day’ deserves much more than this; this is actually a decent progressive metal album, it has all the hallmarks of Dream Theater and Fates Warning whilst the vocals of both Enzo and Frank Caruso soar like James LaBrie or Geoff Tate in their prime and would therefore massively appeal to fans of this. As can be guessed, the musicality of this band doesn’t even need to be called into question, there is so much to digest and enjoy and whilst the cover of Deep Purple’s ‘Fireball’ isn’t exactly needed, ‘First Of All’ the added bonus track from this reissue more than makes up for this.

                It is good to have this album back in rotation, it may have slipped out barely noticed the first time and sadly, it may be the case this time, but fans of traditional sounding prog metal should definitely check this out, it will fit happily in your collection.

fans of traditional sounding prog metal should definitely check this out

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