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Iniquity – ‘Five Across the Eyes’

EMZ Productions
Suffocation, Severe Torture, Swollen, Exmortem
Release Date
March 26, 2021
EMZ Production
Technical Death Metal

                Who would have thought that it was 1999 when Denmark’s Iniquity dropped their landmark sophomore technical death metal album ‘Five Across the Eyes’? Time sure does fly when you’re headbanging the years away eh? Thankfully, this year has Emanzipation Productions getting their teeth into and re-releasing this classic record for our audio pleasure.

                The good news is, is that ‘Five Across…’ is not just getting the bog-standard “we’ve got hold of the copyrights so we’re chucking it out there for a cash grab” treatment. What Emanzipation Productions have done here is remaster this gem of an album in the usual style and care that this label offers. This means that each instrument, those technical guitar passages and that rapid fire, ricochet power house drumming can be heard crystal clear whist the vocals have been pulled out of the quagmire and given a bloody good scrub to create a shining example of what it means to be a technical death metal band. In fact, unlike many of their peers, time has been kind to album and ‘Five Across…’ can easily go toe to toe with any of its contemporary bands and have the chance to come out on top.

                Here is the disclaimer, this album is strictly limited in number, so those who want to add an excellent cult tech death album to their collection should snap up a copy real quick because ‘Five Across…’ is going to sell out quicker than cheetah on speed.

‘Five Across…’ can easily go toe to toe with any of its contemporary bands and have the chance to come out on top

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