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Planeetta 9 – ‘Pirun piiska’

Inverse Records
Salo, Tyrantti, Kaunis Kuolematon, Merta
Release Date
March 25, 2021
Inverse Records
Heavy Metal/Doom Rock

                Hailing from Finland, Planeetta 9 have been chipping away at the heavy metal scene since the mid-point of the 10’s delivering their ‘Koivet’ EP in 2017. Since then., the band have been keeping themselves busy releasing several singles and now Planeetta 9 are back with their sophomore EP ‘Pirun piiska’.

                ‘Pirun piiska’ is an EP which takes the remit of laid down on ‘Koviet’, but using their experience, the band have expanded upon this formula by laying down heavy metal music with some doom and grunge inspired style grooves and undertones that make for something relatively tasty. Yet, ‘Pirun piiska’ is not actually an easy listen and the word may even be ‘challenging’, but if the listener does give it the time of day, they will reap the rewards of an EP that is layered within the music. Now, much like any band which sings in their native tongue, it is not always possible to understand the lyrics, but just from the delivery, it is clear that passion oozes from these lyrics that go through an array of emotions from despair to melancholy which manage to navigate many different dimensions.

However, this isn’t an EP which is for everyone, but for those that really want to find something interesting and new then ‘Pirun piiska’ is something to really explore and in amongst those melancholic sounds, the listener may just find something truly inspiring and uplifting for 2021.  

in amongst those melancholic sounds is something inspiring and uplifting

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