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Pentesilea Road – ‘Pentesilea Road’

Independent Release
Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Rush
Release Date
February 26, 2021
Independent Release
Progressive Metal

                What began life as the one-man project of Vito F. Mainolfi, ‘Pentesilea Road’ recorded a few demo’s and the wheels were in motion for Mainolfi to assemble a cast to record their eponymous debut album.

                Is ‘Pentesilea Road’ the sound of a one man ego trip? A megalomaniac demanding that all the fish dance to his tune? The answer, is a big flat no. ‘Pentesilea Road’ is a surprising breath of fresh air within the progressive metal genre; this is not a prog metal album that is clinical, starved and devoid of any soul. Yes, this is a prog album, but there is a largely old school feel to this that would massively appeal to Rush fans, particularly from the ‘Counterparts’ era, it’s progressive but also with a touch of heavy with the vocals of Lorenzo Vincenzo Nocerino adding a real Geddy Lee vibe. Furthermore, this album is enhanced by some high-profile progressive metal appearances from not only Warlord and ex-Fates Warning man Mark Zonder but also current Fates Warning and Redemption vocalist Ray Alder on tracks such as ‘Shades of the Night’ and ‘Spectral Regrowth’. Although, ‘Pentesilea Road’ has classic prog rock sounds, it is a solid progressive metal album that is warm and enjoyable having all the hallmarks of Devin Townsend, Dream Theater as well as recent Fates Warning.

                ‘Pentesilea Road’ is an album which can easily blindside the listener; it is instantly likeable and find itself very quickly being played over and over again. For a debut album, this is an exceptional start, it will be interesting to see how this band progresses and yes, that pun was massively intended.

this is an exceptional start

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