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Royal Metal Powerhouse HAMMER KING Releases First Single “Hammerschlag” + Announces New Album “Hammer King”

Royal Metal Powerhouse HAMMER KING Releases New Single, “Hammerschlag”, Featuring Members of EPICA, TANKARD

New Album, Hammer King, out June 11 | Pre-Order NOW!
[photo credit: Thommy S. Mardo]
In the name of thy majesty – HAMMER KING has arrived!In the spirit of old school power metal, Germany’s up-and-comers HAMMER KING have gathered to release their first single, “Hammerschlag”, and set ablaze on their new album, Hammer King, out June 11 via Napalm Records!

Kicking off with a tight, punishing drum groove and heavy guitars, the album’s first single, “Hammerschlag”, gets your blood pumping right from the first second! Combining a catchy power metal singalong hook, guest vocals by Gerre from TANKARD, Isaac from EPICA and the almighty Crusader (WARKINGS), and topped off with dizzying guitar solos – HAMMER KING knows how to get your head banging!
Pre-Order HAMMER KING’s debut album Hammer King NOW!

Titan Fox V – vocals/guitar
Gino Wilde – guitar
Gladius Thundersword – bass
Dolph Aidan Macallan – drums

Napalm Records

Come on in!

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