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Dvne – ‘Etemen Ænka’

Metal Blade Records
Kylesa, Mastodon, Baroness, Elder
Release Date
March 19, 2021
Metal Blade Records
Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal

                Dvne may have been through the rigmarole of a name change early in their career, but that has not stopped the Scots from delivering some quality sludge/stoner metal. On the back of their ‘Omega Severer’ EP released last year, Dvne are now following it up by releasing their sophomore album ‘Etemen Ænka’.

                Unlike many of their peers, this latest offering from Dvne has the band not initially bursting out of the traps like a greyhound at the racetrack. Instead, ‘Etemen Ænka’ is more a slow burner, a lit gunpowder trail that smoulders before exploding into a cacophony of noise and when this occurs, damn, your ears better be prepared for it. Naturally, this picks up from the bands debut album ‘Asheran’, but moves ever so slightly more in the progressive direction laid down on the bands 2020 EP. This means that fans of that debut album may snootily shift their nose in their air and proclaim the usual ‘not as good as the debut’ bollocks, but why would the band do a carbon copy? ‘Etemen Ænka’ is the sound of a band slightly stepping out of their comfort zone, but keeping one foot firmly in the comfortable as tracks such as ‘Court of the Matriarch’ and ‘Mleccha’ have all the appeal of Elder with the prog touches of Kylesa and even Mastodon.

                There are a few points during ‘Etemen Ænka’ where the album does tend to meander a little more than it needs to with its elongated passages and the closing track could easily have three quarters of it shaved off. But, for a sophomore album, this is the sound of a band not happy to stick to what they know and pushing themselves forward, yes, there are a few bumps, but who cares, crank it up.

a few bumps, but who cares

Come on in!

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