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The Beautiful Losers & the essence of true Rock ‘n’ Roll

‘The Beautiful Losers’ aren’t here to tell you the story of their lives, they are here to pay tribute to the virtues of Rock n Roll and for all the ‘ Rock n Roll Warriors’ out on the roads, with equipment crammed into their vehicles, ready to go out and play in all the most far back bars, where the last free places of social melting pots still exist! Where sharing and contacts between people of different social backgrounds are still possible, far from all the cold soulless misery of social interactions in which our world has fallen into.

Metal Digest had a chat with the true Rock N Roll Heroes.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

We’re gonna start with a challenge: Please describe the essence of true rock n roll in a single paragraph.

The essence of Rock’n’Roll is energy, sound, power. But it is also philosophy, a slightly disenchanted view of the world and its smallness. The high priest of Rock’n’Roll remains in my eyes LEMMY…

A rock n roll band, based in France! What’s a typical day in your life?

Unfortunately, Rock’n’Roll does not feed its man, even less in France which is not a country where rock is well established…

A typical day is therefore a mixture of work (I take care of the homeless) and working on my music.

You’re going beyond norms and models imposed by our society. What kind of consequences do you have to deal with as a result of this choice?

I think there is a difference between my everyday life and the themes of my songs. I try to be as consistent as possible in my actions and thoughts with the principles I put forward.

However, the texts are above all a tribute to those who have the courage to live fully with what they are deeply, to remain free men !!

You are highlighting the importance of different social backgrounds. I’d like to hear more about that, please.

Over the years, in any case, in France, I have noticed that society becomes more and more compartmentalized according to common aspirations, social class, community, religious beliefs, group membership, etc… and that the social link between this myriad of groups or mini communities no longer exists.

People no longer understand each other, no longer speak to each other… Everyone lives withdrawn into their own group of belongings. I find it dangerous, in the long run…

Let’s talk about ‘The Bar’.  Pour me a drink s’il te plait, and tell me all about it.

“Bar” is a long process of creation by an old Rock’n’Roll fan. It is a tribute to all those who live for him, All these groups who travel the roads to go and play in the most remote places and offer a good dose of energy to those who are displaced to see them !!

If this album is called “BAR” it is because bars in France were a place of social connection between all social circles, especially in small towns and villages. Unfortunately all this is gradually being lost….

To your health: let’s drink…

A la prochaine fois,


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