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Dordeduh – ‘Har’

Prophecy Productions
Negură Bunget, Marțolea, Sur Austru, Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik
Release Date
May 14, 2021
Prophecy Productions
Atmospheric Folk/Black Metal

                At the start of the previous decade, Dordeduh hit the atmospheric black metal scene with a colossal bang, promising so much with their frankly excellent debut EP and studio album ‘Valea omului’ and ‘Dar de duh’. Thankfully, the Romanian band are finally back this year with their sophomore album ‘Har’.

                It would seem that an absence from the field has not tarnished that wonderful Dordeduh sound; what the listener gets here are some classic black metal sounds which dance lovingly around those wonderful folk melodies which make this genre so endearing. This means that ‘Har’ has all the hallmarks of Negură Bunget, that band which originally spawned Dordeduh; but there are also elements of later Enslaved with touches of Ivar Bjørnson & Elnar Selvik. Yet, with ‘Har’, Dordeduh don’t stop there, this is an album where ambience and atmosphere bleed throughout the mix as tracks such as ‘Desferecat’, ‘Descânt’ and ‘Vraci de nord’ ooze with a certain panache that makes the listener suddenly prick up and think: “what is this? This is brilliant, this is exactly the atmospheric black folk metal that I have been looking for”. However, this is the double edged sword that ‘Har’ presents; this is an excellent album, but ultimately, it only really presents an appeal to already converted fans of the genre and is unlikely to bring in anyone who isn’t looking for it.

                That aside, this is an album which has passion and integrity, it doesn’t need wishy-washy passing metal fans. ‘Har’ knows its audience well and therefore, what the listener the gets is an album for the fans and in the best way possible, can you ask for anything else? The answer? No.              

this is an album which has passion and integrity

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