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Black & Damned – ‘Heavenly Creatures’

Rock of Angels Records
Pump, Your Name, Grave Digger, Primal Fear, Masterplan
Release Date
January 29, 2021
Rock of Angels Records
Heavy Metal

                Germany is a pillar of the heavy metal world and the Teutonic lands have nurtured and engineered some of the best metal bands of the last 40 years. It is no surprise that Germany once more returns from the forge of heavy metal with their latest export Black & Damned and their debut album ‘Heavenly Creatures’.

                Black & Damned are the brainchild of former Pump bassist Michael Vetter and Your Same vocalist Bobbes Seidel and with ‘Heavenly Creatures’, the band have set their stall out in that classic Teutonic sound; one that takes in elements of power metal and heavy metal, blending them together to deliver something that is always enjoyable. Fleshed out by current and former members of Pump and Your Name as tracks such as ‘The Wardress’, ‘The 13th Sign’ and ‘We Are Warriors’ are quite entertaining with the melodic touches of Grave Digger, Primal Fear and Masterplan whilst Seidel gives his best Bruce Dickinson and Ronnie Atkins impression. However, there isn’t anything new here, yes it’s enjoyable, but much of this album does fade into being rather unmemorable with ‘Heavenly Creatures’ being given a boost through the dynamic production by Achim Köhler.

                There isn’t anything unique here, but quite possibly, ‘Heavenly Creatures’ doesn’t need it; there are some strong riffs and although it may lack that killer instinct, it is a solid album of no frills and gimmicks heavy metal.

a solid album of no frills and gimmicks heavy metal

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