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Swedish Post Metal septet SUFFOCATE FOR FUCK SAKE premieres brand new song from upcoming album!

Swedish Post Metal septet SUFFOCATE FOR FUCK SAKE premieres brand new song from upcoming album!

“Fyra” to be released April 16th on Moment Of Collapse

April 16th 2021 will see Swedish Post Metal act Suffocate For Fuck Sake release their highly anticipated full-length album, titled “Fyra”, via Moment Of Collapse Records.

Following their critically acclaimed 2017 record, “In My Blood”, this band is a true master of their craft and creates an incredible depressing and daunting atmosphere, that feels absolutely emotional and authentic. Next to their dark and nihilistic sound, Swedish samples (taken from interviews and podcasts) always have been an important trademark and tool of the band, contributing immensely to the mood of the songs. On “Fyra” these samples deal with addiction shown in four different shapes that also mark the different chapters of the album.

Today the band from Sweden shared another impressive glimpse of what to expect from their upcoming release. Listen to “Here”, the brand new and third single by Suffocate For Fuck Sake, streaming right here:

The third single from Suffocate For Fuck Sakes upcoming album “Fyra” introduces the character Martina, who explains her vice of eating to compensate the loss of her family in combination with her social phobia and how hard it is to get out of it, cause of the persistent self-doubts.” the band comments.


01. From the Window
02. 15 Missed Calls
03. All Our Memories
04. Alone
05. The Surface
06. Hope
07. Cosmopol
08. Beind the Door
09. To Fall Apart
10. Here
11. Small Comments
12. Quiet 

“Fyra” will be coming out April 16th on Moment Of Collapse and is available for pre-order at


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