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Watchman – ‘Doom of Babylon’

Independent Release
Sleep, Electric Wizard, High On Fire
Release Date
June 4, 2021
Independent Release

                Watchman is the one-man project of Roy Waterford, the multi-musician who has spent this career dabbling in hip-hop and reggae before now taking a stab at doom and stoner metal. On the back of his ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ EP last year, Waterford has returned to his Watchman project to deliver his debut studio album ‘Doom of Babylon’.

                It is hardly surprising that with ‘Doom of Babylon’, Waterford brings his many years of experience to the table. This is an album written by a man who knows how to pen a song and therefore what the listener gets is some low-down dirty stoner doom that rumbles through the speakers like a burrowing desert beast before erupting in a cloud of pot smoke. The riffage here is crushing, grinding and slow having all the appeal of Sleep and Electric Wizard particularly during ‘Bowls of Wrath’, ‘The Second Death’ and ‘Wormwood’. However, other than this mammoth trundling, there actually isn’t anything here that hasn’t been done before or actually anything which makes ‘Doom of Babylon’ massively stand out amongst its peers. Yes, it is decent enough stoner doom but ultimately there are hundreds of bands striving through that tar pit and it is difficult to pick out any uniqueness.

                This does not mean that ‘Doom of Babylon’ isn’t enjoyable or unlistenable and for your bog-standard doom, it really does tick all the boxes. Looking for the something that rattles the eardrums, but too stoned to move? Then ‘Doom of Babylon’ it is, but there is much better out there. 

bog-standard doom

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