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Trollfest – ‘Happy Heroes’ EP

Napalm Records
Finntroll, Svartby, Svartsot, TrollWar, Trollgasm
Release Date
March 19, 2021
Napalm Records
Folk Metal

                When it comes to folk/metal, not many bands put a smile on the face like Trollfest. The wacky and zany Norwegians have carved their own almost unique niche within the genre over the course of the last 20 years which culminated in their 2019 album ‘Norwegian Fairytales’. More recently, the band have been keeping themselves busy with the release of their latest EP ‘Happy Heroes’.

                It will come as no surprise that with ‘Happy Heroes’, Trollfest do what they do best, the band batten down the hatches and delve deep within the cheese mines of their homeland. To accomplish this, Trollfest once again slide their tongue in their cheek delivering one original song alongside three very cheesy songs from the likes of Aqua and Pharrell Williams as well as some reggae in the shape of ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ that all get the metal workout. Much like any other standard EP, these tracks are over pretty quickly; the title track is decent enough and the covers are listenable, but it is open to debate as to whether these have any real staying power.

This now leads metal fans to an impasse, there are those that will absolutely abhor this concept and there are those that will laugh this up and thoroughly enjoy it. The final question is this: which one are you?

it is open to debate as to whether this EP will have any real staying power

Come on in!

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