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Tribultion – ‘Where the Gloom Becomes Sound’

Century Media Records
Repugnant, Vampire, Cloak, Necrophobic
Release Date
January 29, 2021
Century Media Records
Death/Black/Gothic Metal

                It has been just over a decade since Tribulation blasted onto the scene with their Gothic inspired death metal and since then, the Swedes have gone from strength to strength culminating in what many consider to be their magnum opus with ‘Down Below’. This year has Tribulation returning in an attempt to continue this streak with their latest studio album ‘Where the Gloom Becomes Sound’.

                Given Tribulation’s massive run of form; it is hardly surprising that ‘…Gloom Becomes Sound’ continues this trend as once again, Tribulation not only deliver another excellent album, but this album manages to go toe to toe with any of the works that the band have completed previously. What the listener gets here is another powerful dose of thrashing death metal with Gothic melodic overtones that once again delivers something that is uniquely Tribulation. This means that tracks such as ‘Dirge of a Dying Soul’, ‘Daughter of the Djinn’ and ‘Funeral Pyre’ stand tall being amongst some of Tribulation’s best work. However, much like the previous album the only thing that even comes close to sullying this album is another forgettable instrumental and if anything, this only grazes an otherwise flawless finish to ‘…Gloom Becomes Sound’.

                What ‘…Gloom Becomes Sound’ means not just for Tribulation, but for the heavy metal world as we are only in February and Tribulation have laid down the gauntlet to all those around them and let’s see if anyone has the balls to challenge it. Any takers?

Tribulation have laid down the gauntlet to all those around them

Come on in!

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