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The Limit – ‘Caveman Logic’

Svart Records
Pentagram, The Stooges, Testors, Dawnrider
Release Date
April 9, 2021
Svart Records
Hard Rock

                Members of Pentagram, The Stooges and Testors walk into the studio may sound like the set up to an elaborate rock music themed punchline; but this year Bobby Liebling, Jimmy Recca and Sonny Vincent have joined forces to form a new band The Limit. It has not taken the band long to deliver their debut album, the amusingly named ‘Caveman Logic’.

                So, what happens when these various influences come together into one setting for ‘Caveman Logic’? Well, actually, it sounds pretty good and obviously, some of these influences do shine through; ‘Caveman Logic’ does have touches of punky doom, but to break it down to just this actually debases the album because ‘Caveman Logic’ is far more than this. This is the sound of three veterans showing us what they are capable of in a new environment as they feed upon each other’s experience. This is all packaged up into a record which oozes with hard rock sensibilities, ‘Caveman Logic’ is audibly pleasing, taking the rawness from the riffs of doom and punk and giving it decent hard rock finish. This opens up these musicians to a completely new demographic as tracks such as ‘Black Sea’, ‘Fleeting Thoughts’ and ‘These Days’ demonstrate that these guys are more than capable of decent tracks outside of their comfort zone. In fact, ‘Caveman Logic’ contains some very decent riffs and melodies which lead to some memorable songs and therefore has the ability to surpass the listeners every expectation.

                There is nothing here that is new or even unexpected, but ‘Caveman Logic’ is a lot of fun and deserves a listen. It will be interesting to see how this band progresses from here because based on this album, The Limit have some potential to break out of the confines of their respective bands.

Members of Pentagram, The Stooges and Testors walk into the studio...

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