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Superlynx – ‘Electric Temple’

Dark Essence Records
Windhand, High Priestess, Lucifer, Heavy Temple, Pentagram
Release Date
April 16, 2021
Dark Essence Records

                Doom and stoner metal comes in many different shapes and forms, from the mundanely boring, through blatant Sabbath worship and the quite interesting. Superlynx fall happily into the latter category as their doom riffs get a huge dose of the psychedelic with the Norwegian band looking set to release their third studio album ‘Electric Temple’.

                Superlynx have already got two critically well-received albums under their belt with each album showing the much-needed evolution to their sound. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that for ‘Electric Temple’ this trend continues. What the listener gets here is some spaced out psychedelic doom with a large 70’s retro feel; this means that ‘Electric Temple’ already has that worn in, familiar feel – a record that has been played over and over again and the resin from the fingers is engrained into the record. This is not only down to the superb musicianship of this trio, these grooves create and endless enjoyment having the hallmarks of early Pentagram delivered through a sleek production; but it is the vocals of Pia Isaksen that really make this record, her ethereal wails are enough to make any fan of High Priestess, Windhand or Lucifer very interested in this delivery.

                ‘Electric Temple’ is a good album, it strongly cements the bands sound and mission statement; if you like your doom with a psychedelic twist, go out, buy this album, then stack the fridge and stoke the bong because we’re staying home tonight.

A good album that strongly cements the band’s sound

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