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Stormtide – ‘A Throne of Hollow Fires’

Metal Hell Records
Amon Amarth, Wintersun, Children of Bodom, King of Asgard
Release Date
March 1, 2021
Metal Hell Records
Symphonic Folk/Death Metal

                Crashing onto the scene like an angry squall with their debut EP in 2013, Stormtide soon battered the heavy metal shoreline with all the power of a typhoon for their debut studio album ‘Wrath of an Empire’ in 2016 before ebbing away. The oceans have been calm for more than few years, but now the tide has suddenly gone out and a roaring can be heard upon the horizon as the Australian band look to deliver their sophomore album ‘A Throne of Hollow Fire’.

                Now, for ‘A Throne…’ Stormtide have brought their A-game, the band have upped the ante and are back with a vengeance. Stormtide have assessed their dynamics, pushed the folk elements back into the mix and brought the bollocks of the guitars and guttural vocals forward. Yes, the symphonic elements are still here, but now they provide an epic soundscape into the background allowing us to hear what Amon Amarth would sound like if they were on a film soundtrack scored by Howard Shore. ‘A Throne…’ is therefore exceptionally enjoyable, tracks such as ‘Awakening’, ‘Crucible’ and ‘A Warship Braved the Tempest’ are perfect examples of what this band offers and it is hard to imagine that the songs on this album would be as memorable without the vocals of Reuban Stone captaining the helm able to take the chorus of the likes of ‘One Last Pint’ with its ‘drink! drink drink!’ out of the realms of teenage peer-pressure and into the fist pumping chant of the arena.

                Stormtide have turned it up to 11 for their latest album and created a perfect storm. Looking for something more epic and less ‘Viking-y’ than Amon Amarth? check this out. You’ll be pillaging for weeks. 

Stormtide have turned it up to 11 for their latest album

Come on in!

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