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16 & Grime – ‘Dooms Sessions Vol. 3’

Heavy Psych Sounds
Eyehategod, Crowbar, Acid Bath, Grief, Noothgrush
Release Date
February 26, 2021
Heavy Psych Sounds
Doom/Sludge Metal

This year has Heavy Psych Sounds delivering their ‘Doom Sessions’ series – split albums to showcase bands and now ‘Doom Sessions Vol 3’ has arrived with a bang featuring sludge pioneers 16 and Italian heavy sludgers Grime.

                In sludge and doom circles, 16 are legendary and more recently, the band have ridden triumphantly into a second wind; yet, whilst Grime are considerably younger, the band have shaken the sludge world with their shattering two albums. Therefore, what ‘…Vol 3’ offers are some nice, sludge tapas, it allows the listener to dip in and sample what these bands can serve up. But, this is not a ‘greatest hits’, ‘…Vol 3’ shows these two bands firing on all cylinders and delivering new material that established fans are sure to gobble up with all the gusto of a Hungry Hungry Hippo.

                Grime are considerably heavier than 16, but when both are vying for the affection of the listener, it pushes them forward equally in an endearing friendly competition. Ultimately, whilst this is a great showcase, a split album isn’t for everyone; but what it does do is give the opportunity for those who do hear it to get their hands on something new or to go back and explore these band’s back catalogue.

both are vying for the affection of the listener

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