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Helgrind – ‘Return to Motherland’

Black Spark Records
Isatha, Beleriand, Severoth, Keys of Orthanac
Release Date
January 17, 2021
Black Spark Records
Black/Folk Metal

                Sometimes the world just throws you a heavy metal curveball. Helgrind, black metal with pagan lyrics and Norse imagery… so far, so good. Imagine the confusion, reading, re-reading and reading once again when it’s noted that Helgrind are from Cuba. Leif Erikson may have made it to Canada, but his presence is felt today in the Caribbean. Helgrind released their independent debut album ‘Return to Motherland’ in 2019 and now, two years on, that album is getting a re-release through Black Spark Records.

                Helgrind have smashed the pagan black metal sound, what the listener gets here is actually some very good metal as tracks such as ‘Song of the Runes’, ‘Uppsala’ and ‘Rusalka’ power forward but it is the track ‘Last Pagan Resistance’ which provides the anchoring hook for this album with its memorable chorus and rousing lyrics. However, there really isn’t anything here hasn’t been heard before, this is well-worn ground and it does take something really special or unique to stand out. ‘Return…’ is the sound of a band that is finding their feet, but they already know what they are after and this album provides a decent concrete foundation for Helgrind to build from.

                Fans of this genre would do well to check this out, sure it isn’t anything that hasn’t been heard before; but what Helgrind do, they do it well. It is good that Black Spark have chosen to re-release ‘Return…’ as it will provide more accessibility for a band which so desperately deserves it.

‘Return…’ is the sound of a band that is finding their feet

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