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Epica – Omega

Nuclear Blast Records
FFO: Nightwish, After Forever, Leaves’ Eyes, Delain, Tarja
Release Date
February 26, 2021
Nuclear Blast Records
Symphonic Metal

                It has been quite awhile since Epica released a full-length studio album, in fact, it was 2016 when the band released ‘The Holographic Principle’. Sure, Epica have kept themselves busy with a string of warmly received EP’s, music and lyric videos, but what the fans really wanted was a new album. Thankfully, prayers have been answered this year as Epica release their latest album ‘Omega’.

                For fans of Epica, ‘Omega’ is everything that they could have hoped for; this is an album which soars with symphonic power, it is driving when it needs to be and at its core subtle and nuanced. This is heavily down to the arrangements here and the band score this album like a maestro conductor, this means that instead of ‘wall of sounding’ the listener through studio wizardry, Epica play with the musical dynamics and treat ‘Omega’ like a classical masterpiece. There are some tracks here such as ‘The Skeleton Key’ and ‘Gaia’ that are up there with some of Epica’s best ever work; but, this album really shines at the latter end of the album with part three of the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ ongoing saga and the final three back to back tracks which bring this album to its pinnacle before planting its flag and announcing ‘this is ours’. Once more, what brings all this home is the operatic vocals of Simone Simons, it is her voice which guides this album, providing all the colours to fill the nooks and crannies of an already flawless musical piece and it wouldn’t be surprising if this was the operatic vocal performance of the year.

                It may have been awhile, but it has certainly been worth the wait as Epica have delivered another superb accessible symphonic metal album that not only appeals to fans, but also has the ability to convert new fans to the Epica cause and it wouldn’t be surprising if this album is riding high at the end of the year.

Epica have delivered another superb accessible symphonic metal album

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