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Bewitcher – Cursed Be Thy Kingdom

Century Media Records
Midnight, Hellripper, Venom, Toxic Holocaust, Gehennah, Motörhead
Release Date
April 21, 2021
Century Media Records
Black/Thrash Metal

                It was 2016 when Bewitcher laid down the gauntlet to their peers and since then the Oregon band have grabbed the trad metal world by the neck and giving it a bloody good ringing with their first two albums. Thankfully, Bewitcher are back to give us another dose of heavy metal with their much anticipated third studio album ‘Cursed Be Thy Kingdom’.

                As much as anyone would expect with this band, ‘Cursed…’ continues in the Bewitcher vein. This means that the listener gets a violent dose of trad sounding speed metal with blackened edges that would hit hard with any fans of Midnight, Toxic Holocaust and Hellripper whilst touching base with more influential acts like Venom and Motörhead. The listener is once again pummelled with riff after riff and memorable chorus’ as tracks such as ‘Satanick Magick Attack’, ‘Electric Phantoms’ and ‘The Widow’s Blade’ stick well within the remit of what we know and love about Bewitcher. Furthermore, Bewitcher expand on their sound here, interspersed between balls to the wall songs are some more mid-tempo foot stompers like ‘Valley of the Ravens’ and the closing ‘Sign of the Wolf’ show that they are far from a one-trick pony and it is these songs which make ‘Cursed…’ so damned good.

                 ‘Cursed…’ is the sound of Bewitcher taking their sound to the next level and it is paying off. If anyone bleats that heavy metal is dead, take a copy of this album and shove it down their throat, they’ll thank you later.

‘Cursed…’ is the sound of Bewitcher taking their sound to the next level and it is paying off.

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