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Saxon – Inspirations

Silver Lining Music
Iron Maiden, Accept, Judas Priest
Release Date
March 19, 2021
Silver Lining Music
Heavy Metal

                Saxon are a British national treasure. Not only have the band delivered some of the best heavy metal albums of all time, but they’ve also done it almost completely under the radar. True, salt of the Earth, honest, heavy metal. Saxon had just started their 40th Anniversary tour when Covid-19 brought the world to a halt; in lieu of the band being able to tour, Saxon have delved into their past to deliver ‘Inspirations’, their latest album paying tribute to those bands which inspired them.

                Eew, what’s that I hear you say? A covers album?! Yeah, I know, not exactly a new exciting Saxon album is it? But that’s not really what this album is about; this is Saxon stepping back, 40 years plus in the business and saying: “hey, we’re going to tell you what made us pick up those instruments and turn it into what would become Saxon”. To accomplish this, Saxon delve into the 60’s and 70’s delivering songs from the commonly covered ‘Paint it Black’ and the ‘Immigrant Song’ to the lesser and more interesting covers of ‘Paperback Writer’, ‘Speed King’ and ‘Hold the Line’. Of course, these tracks are not done as a plain old carbon copies… where is the fun in that? These songs have been amped up and done in the Saxon way, therefore expect meaty riffs and pounding drums as well as excellent vocals from Biff Byford, the man who’s voice does not tarry with age.

                However, without beating around the bush too much, it is a covers album and ultimately after a few appreciative listens, that’s really all it is and is probably best reserved for the massively hardcore Saxon fan. Roll on the continuation of the tour and roll on a brand-new Saxon album because as we already know… they are mighty!

These songs have been amped up and done in the Saxon way

Come on in!

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