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Recharging during lockdown with Blacklist

Building on their initial Debut EP Bomb Away, released in 2019, the band has reformed and refocused their energies during lockdown and are coming back with a full length monster that channels their influences, from Bolt Thrower and Xentrix through to Kreator and Sodom, whilst adding their own flavor, style, aggression and venom.

Now signed to the Unearthed Management family, and releasing on all services on the 5th March 2021 ‘Blood On The Sand’ is a statement of intent on what the band are all about.

Metal Digest had a chat with the band about war across the generations, recharging during lockdown and their upcoming album.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

Your upcoming album is due for release in July 2021! Do we have a name yet? What was the funniest name idea you guys had on the table?

We decided on the name for the album to be “Disciples Of Time” a while ago, it was actually the first album name so unfortunately, there wasn’t actually a funny name on the table.

We’re going through strange times. Did the lockdown help you refocus your energies and recharge? What would you advise young musicians struggling creatively during the pandemic?

The lockdown definitely pushed us in a new direction with music because just before we went into the first lockdown, our vocalist/rhythm guitarist left so we had to work on the new material with a new rhythm guitarist and with our lead guitarist also filling in on full time vocal duties. Advice: Practice your main instrument at every spare moment you have, you can never improve too much!

What’s a typical day in the life of a four-piece trash metal band from Blackpool, England?

At the moment, we’re unable to meet up and rehearse due to the current lockdown restrictions, so we spend all of our band based time just promoting our new material.

You’ve covered the ”Ghostbusters’ theme in 2019. Do you think a good cover helps putting a new band on the metal map?

Our cover of the “Ghostbusters” theme definitely helped us gain fans in the metal scene, but we mainly did it for fun!

Let’s talk about Blood On The Sand: Written about war across the generations, it’s an album drawing from history with the beaches of Normandy and the desert of the Gulf War. What pushed you to turn that into lyrics and music?

The lyrics for all of our new material is based quite heavily on war, there’s no such reason to this other than the fact that I (Tyler) am quite interested in war, and because my main lyrical influences are Bolt Thrower and Warbringer.

So, with a new album set for release this summer should we expect a tour as well? If there were no limits, what would be your aspirations for the upcoming season?

We’re hoping to be able to get on tour just in the UK as soon as possible, hopefully before the end of this year, but that’s all covid dependent!

Thank you for the wonderful interview.

Until we meet again,


For fans of Bolt Thrower, Xentrix, Kreator, Sodom

Blacklist are :

Tyler Larkin – Vocals & Guitar

Curtis Goodyear – Bass

Danny France – Guitars and Backing Vocals

Matthew Warburton – Drums

Follow the band at these links:

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